Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Senior Principal

Highly respected and repeatedly sought after by owners, Mark has 33 years of rich experience as a consulting structural engineer with Reaveley. Recognized for his expertise in seismic design, he was bestowed the honor of Engineer of the Year by the Structural Engineers Association of Utah in 2021.

His sensitivity to each structure's intended use has made Mark an ideal partner to clients in the industry. As one of them remarked, "Within the community, Mark is recognized as a leader and voice, providing confidence and clear communication during difficult times." That was especially true in the aftermath of the 5.7 earthquake that rocked Salt Lake City in early 2020, providing Mark "an opportunity to visit many buildings that were suspect to damage – this he did with great care to ensure the well-being of others."

Born with a need for speed and a passion for adventure, Mark enjoys living life in the fast lane. Whether tearing up virtual tracks in his favorite car racing games or navigating treacherous terrains in his trusty Jeep, Mark thrives on the rush that comes from pushing limits and exploring new horizons.

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