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"We’re not resting on our reputation—we are hungry for continuous improvement to develop more expertise to better serve our clients, their projects, and our communities."

- Dorian Adams


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Our Culture

Championing an Inclusive and Diverse Culture, Valuing all Perspectives

We appreciate inclusion and diversity as part of our culture and values. We seek to fostering an environment where everyone can flourish, Reaveley cultivates a culture where we can each be authentic. We encourage everyone to express themselves regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnic background.

Contributing to the Sustainable Built Environment

Reaveley commits to SE2050, which means net-zero carbon by 2050 on our projects. We focus on reducing embodied carbon through innovative design, material efficiency, and comprehensive carbon tracking.

Hybrid remote work reduces our carbon footprint through less commuting and lower office energy use. It enhances work-life balance and inclusivity, cuts costs on overhead and travel, boosts productivity with digital tools, and ensures resilience and continuity in project delivery.

Collaborating to Solve Problems Faster, Improve Performance, and Promote Innovation

A collaborative work environment can accelerate problem-solving, foster innovation, and enhance project performance by uniting individuals toward a common goal. Collaboration results in more cost-efficient projects. We've learned that collaborative teams are significantly more productive, motivated, and capable of delivering superior results for all project stakeholders.

A collaborative mindset promotes inclusive communication and encourages feedback, driving more diverse innovation. From a human impact, collaboration enhances team morale, improves staff retention rates, and creates long-term partnerships.

Innovation to Deliver More Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Sustainable Projects

An inclusive culture that focuses on collaboration and sustainability drives innovation at all levels of our firm and project delivery resulting in higher quality deliverables and experiences. It allows our internal team and project teams to focus on project challenges from differing perspectives and inherently drives more innovation. Each must work independently and collectively in the project environment.

Quality in Deliverables and Experience

Sustainability reduces environmental impact, inclusion fosters diverse perspectives, innovation drives new technologies and efficiencies, and collaboration integrates expertise for holistic solutions, collectively enhancing quality.

Our Story

As you drive through the bustling streets of Salt Lake City, we feel a surge of pride at seeing the buildings that Reaveley Engineers has shaped over the past fifty years. Founded in 1972 with a vision to lead structural engineering in the Intermountain West, Reaveley Engineers has left an indelible mark on the cityscape.

From our inaugural project, the Travelodge Hotel and Convention Center, to notable achievements like the Orrin G. Hatch Federal Courthouse, Huntsman Cancer Institute, and the Utah State Capital Complex restoration, each structure reflects our dedication to excellence and innovation. These projects symbolize our legacy and position us as leaders in embracing advanced technologies and pioneering structural design.

Our growth mirrors the industry's evolution, transitioning from slide rules to advanced CAD systems. Our commitment to understanding and realizing our clients' visions is central to our success. This client-focused approach ensures we deliver solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Key milestones include being recognized as Utah's top structural engineering firm for many years and diversifying our portfolio across healthcare, education, government, and commercial development sectors.

Looking ahead, we aim to expand while nurturing a sustainable, inclusive environment where talent thrives and innovation flourishes. Our vision is to continue shaping Utah's skyline and beyond, making a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

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