Edison House

Edison House

Salt Lake City, Utah
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2022 UC&D Most Outstanding Entertainment Project

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The original vision for the Edison House aimed to offer an engaging and inclusive social experience that blended into the existing cityscape. The challenge lay in repurposing a site abandoned for over two decades, surrounded by a parking garage and constrained by the adjacent buildings, limiting natural light access and service options.The unique 3-story structure features a dynamic western facade with adaptable elements, including perforated metal screens, doors, and glazing, allowing for varying degrees of openness based on weather conditions and activities.A standout feature is the custom-designed bi-folding metal screens, a kinetic aspect enhancing the club's vitality. These screens serve as both visual elements and thermal controls, regulating solar heat gain in summer and allowing sunlight in winter. Moreover, large lift-and-slide doors facilitate natural ventilation while reducing energy consumption. The result is a modern re-envisioning of the traditional private club, redefining its role in the urban landscape.

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