Dustin Perkins

Dustin Perkins

Project Engineer

Dustin is a highly skilled and motivated Project Engineer, whose professional journey began at Reaveley as a BIM/CAD technician. During his time there, he cultivated expertise in Building Information Modeling and concrete repair while earning dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering from the University of Utah. This background propelled him to his recent promotion as a Project Engineer, where he continues to excel.

His practical experience extends across various materials, including concrete, steel, masonry, and wood, with a focus on concrete restoration and repair. Beyond his professional life, Dustin is a passionate outdoorsman, finding solace and joy in activities like hunting, camping, and cooking. His connection with nature is deep-rooted, which is evident in his pursuit of precision through hobbies like long-range rifle shooting and archery.

Dustin is not only a skilled engineer but also a creative individual. He enjoys drawing and engaging in board and card games. His competitive spirit has led to the achievement of two Master’s Swimming Records in Utah, as well as participation in Triathlons with his wife. Not content with just swimming and running, Dustin has also taken the adventurous leap into skydiving, embodying his love for both challenge and adrenaline.

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