Canyons School District Mount Jordan Middle School Replacement

Canyons School District Mount Jordan Middle School Replacement

Sandy, Utah
Services rendered
MHTN Architects

2016 ENR Mountain States Region Award of Merit - K-12 Education

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This showcase middle school in Sandy, Utah supports the Canyons School District’s STEAM curriculum. It features six Learning Communities with primary learning spaces (classrooms) surrounding a collaboration center which supports multi-group, active, and project-based learning activities. Small break-out rooms and “think tanks” give a place for quiet individual or small group discussions. A 180-seat lecture hall, spacious common areas, cafeteria, and hallways and classrooms filled with natural light foster student engagement. The community and middle school share a performing arts suite with a theater and auditorium made possible by an investment from Sandy City. Recreational facilities at the school include a gymnasium with two full courts, 14 basketball hoops, large locker rooms, and fitness rooms dedicated to dance and strength training. The elevated indoor track includes a special surface for running.

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