Bradley Hale

Bradley Hale

Senior Engineer

Meet Bradley, a dedicated Senior Engineer at Reaveley Engineers who joined our team in 2014. Renowned for his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Bradley diligently ensures that their needs are not only met but exceeded. His meticulous attention to detail and proactive coordination in project management contribute to the efficiency of our endeavors, minimizing the need for future adjustments. A true team player, Bradley extends his expertise to support his colleagues, embodying a collaborative spirit within our workplace. Bradley is deeply passionate about immersing himself in the wonders of nature alongside his family. Whether it's hiking through rugged trails, casting lines for fishing, setting up camp under the stars, or tackling challenging mountain bike routes, he finds joy in every outdoor adventure. Beyond the thrill of exploration, Bradley also cherishes the serene moments on the water while boating and the strategic nuances of a well-played round of golf.

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