Vanessa Murphy

Vanessa Murphy

Project Engineer

Vanessa's innate communication skills and approachable demeanor recently earned her the title of Project Engineer at Reaveley. Her knack for connecting with clients and colleagues fosters an environment that encourages and collaborative solutions. Vanessa is adept at striking a balance between technical expertise and relatability, ensuring that clients feel comfortable discussing their needs. Vanessa's dedication and resilience were evident when she passed her PE exam while caring for her 5-month-old baby, showcasing her commitment and tenacity.

Beyond her professional role, Vanessa is a passionate outdoorswoman, finding solace and joy in activities such as fly fishing, upland hunting, skiing, backpacking, and camping with her husband, son, family, and friends.

Vanessa's ability to master various skills, from welding and woodworking to knitting and fishing, is a testament to her versatility. As a Master of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Vanessa brings a well-rounded perspective to her work.

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