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Technical Capabilities

We are committed to leading the industry in technical advancements that enable us to provide quality documents, timely service, and unequaled innovation. RE+A embraced the concept of Building Information Modeling years before it became mainstream within the industry and this has enabled us to remain on the cutting edge as we provide the service and expertise our clients expect. Even more, RE+A embraced the concepts of performance based design even before the release of national standards for such design methods.

Fostering such an attitude within our culture maintains RE+A as an industry leader, poised to develop, embrace and implement new technologies and methods before they are embraced by the industry at large. RE+A is staffed by engineers with unequaled technical expertise when it comes to computer modeling and advanced design techniques. Not only owning, but training our staff on the appropriate use and capabilities of advanced analysis software, keeps RE+A in a position to develop the most creative, innovative and cost effective solutions for meeting our clients' needs.

Technical Capabilities